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FHS-UV1000W UV Solidification Lamp
1000w uv solidification lamp

FHS-UV1000W UV Solidification Lamp

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Safety Precautions


Be sure to turn off the main power when installing/removing the lamp. cleaning the apparatus. or durirg maintenance Not doing so may result in electric shock.


It is absolutely forbidden to look at the tamp with the naked eye,for it may cause eye problems such as soreness and deteroration of vision.

DO not expose the users'skin to the ultraviolet rays emitted by the lamp Such exposure may iead to skin inflammation.

DO not touch the areas other than specified places (such as the operation panel) It may cause an electric shock and/or a bum to the user.


The lamp on its packing box with a waming "Ozone Generative" indicates that ventilation is needed during and after operation of the lamp.Neglecting to provide ventilation may lead to breathing problems caused by ozone.The lamp on its packing box with a waming "Ozone Generative" indicates that ventilation is needed

Do not operate the lamp under the conditions and environment specified below. Otherwise it may cause fire. explosion. electrical leakage.
deterioration.hindrance to plant rearing.or other problem.

(1) Any environment that presents ignition danger ( gasoline flammable spray.thinner,lacquer and dust ) and near fiammable goods.

(2) Cover the lamp with paper or cloth,the paint it over with a dfferent coating.

(3) A place where rain or water drops may spray onto the lamp, or where there is high humidity.

(4)Area where possible oxidization,such as with acid,may occur.

(5)Area where vibration or shock occurs.

(6) Dusty area.

(7) A place where discoloring should be avoided.

(8)Near a plant.

Use the specified apparatus ( socket,stabilizer, appliance ) for the specified lamp. Failure to do so may resurlt in overheating or smoking ofthe equipment.or may Cause other damage to the lamp.

Be Sure to install the lamp properly into the socket.When connected improperly it can cause overheating,smoking,breakage or eventopping of the unit.

Be sure to use the lamp within the specified voltage and current would damage the lamp and drastically shorten its life.

Do not operate the lamp at a close distance over a long period of time. Also,do not look directly into the lamp.

Such actions may cause skin and/or eye imitation due to ultraviolet rays.
It is absolutely forbiden to touch the lamp during and immediately after use since it is hot and may cause burm.

Replace the lamp at or before the specified replacement time On rare occasions, lamps are know to suffer breakage.In such a may injure the user and/or may damage the lighting implement and other penpheral apparatus.

DO not disassemble or dispose the lamp.A cracked lamp scatters its fragments around and may cause injury to the use.

In the unlikely event that the lamp becomes damaged while it is being used.tum off the power supply to the lighting apparatus .Touching the lamp exposes the user to receive an electric shock.

Do not shatter the lamp but rely on the professional disposer for proper disposal of the part Improper disposal may cause environmental pollution.

Operating Precautions

Handle the lamp carefully and never subject it to vibration,shock or undue force or scratch it,The lamp will not withstand careless handling. When carrying the unit exercise care and always keep it in the carrying case.

Do not touch the glass part of the lamp with bare hands.If the lamp is it with contamination such as fingerprints or grease,that would cause degraded operation or shortened lamp life.Before lighting the lamp,and especially if the lamp is soiled,wipe it off thoroughly with a clothmoistened with alcohol.When doing so,do not apply undue force to the lamp.Also,always keep equipment such as the reflecting plate as clean an possible.

When replacing the sure to tum off the main power supply for the apparatus ( the lighting equipment ) to prevent an electric shock.140/5000

Be sure the apparatus ( the lighting implement ) is grounded.

Be sure to light the lamp using the specified ballast and lamp housing Otherwise problems such as nonlighting early ending of the life of the lamp,abnormal electric discharge or flickering may crop up.

When installing the lamp .ensure that positive dielectric withstanding voltage and insulation resistance are maintained among the lamp lead wires.ground,lamp housing and other conductors in order to prevent leakage of the high-woltage pulse during start-up.

The lighting apparatus must be used where a sufficient electric capacity of the specified frequency is available.

Use a length of light-control circuit from the stabilizer to the lamp that is less than the maximum specified length.

Do not use the lamp where vibration or shock may occur.Using it under these conditions causes nonlighting. shortened life of the lamp.
abonrmal electric discharge. filckering or even toppling of the unit.

Adhere to the cooling conditions specified for each lamp and apparatus .Improper cooling can cause breakage or shortened lamp life.

Adjust the cooling conditions so that the sealed-in contents of the lamp will vaporize completely.

Be sure to use the lamp at the specified voitage and current.Applying power in excess of the rated value would damage the lamp and shorten its life drastically.

Do not use the lamp where it is desired to avoid having objects lose their colors.Objects radiated by the lamp may suffer color fading or become degraded by the effects of ultraviolet rays.

Avoid spraying the lamp with disinfectant or insecticide.

Do not use the lamp for illumination.emergency lighting or guidance lighting.

Tuming the lamp on and off unnecessarilly shortens its life.Leave it on continuously as much as possible.

Replace the lamp at or before the specified raplacement time.On rare occasions,lamps are know to suffer breakage.

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