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Airfield lamp

Airfield lamps are visual aids for aircraft to approach and land at night and in complex meteorological environments. They have developed from simply providing visual indication and guidance signals for aircraft to approach and land at night to being used in combination with radio approach and landing systems to ensure that aircraft can approach and land at night under low visibility conditions. We are airfield lamp supplier and manufacturer. At present, we can provide a full set of airport lighting systems, including single-ended airfield Lighting, base airfield lighting and reflector airfield lighting. With 15 years of experience in the production of lamp products, we have grown into a global leader in professional lamp manufacturing and sales. For airport lights, we use Plansee electrodes and the best quartz sand and other materials, thus ensuring that our airport lights have a long service life and high lumen output.


- Approach and threshold lights

- Runway and taxiway lights

- Stopbar and touch-down zone lights


- Airfield lamp has a high and constant lumen output 

- Long lifetime

- Excellent optical adjustment 

- Strong focus light