What are the characteristics of high pressure sodium lamp
 Dec 02, 2022|View:558

High pressure sodium lamp has the characteristics of high luminous rate, long service life, low power consumption, non attraction to mosquitoes and strong ability to penetrate fog when used. It will emit golden white light when used. Therefore, it is widely used in roads, airports, docks, squares, stations, street intersections, parks and courtyards, and also in plant cultivation. What should we pay attention to when using high-pressure sodium lamp? The following is a detailed introduction.

We need to pay attention to the following issues when using high-pressure sodium lamps:

1、When using the high pressure sodium lamp, it is necessary to ensure whether the wiring of the bulb is correct. Only when the bulb is correctly wired according to the circuit diagram can it be used normally. In the process of use, special ballasts and triggers should be used to ensure normal use.

2、The bulb of high pressure sodium lamp adopts spiral process in the production process, and is charged when working. Also, when replacing and maintaining bulbs, the power supply should be cut off in time for your own safety. In order not to affect the ignition and service life of the bulb during use, try to cooperate with the lamps used, and pay attention to the temperature of the lamp cap not to be too high.

High pressure sodium lamp

3、If the high-pressure sodium lamp can be used in important or safe occasions, or try to choose some sealed and explosion-proof bulbs. After the bulb is turned off or extinguished, let it cool naturally for 15 minutes as far as possible, so as to avoid damage or burning caused by excessive temperature of the bulb. If you need to restart the power supply, you must wait until the temperature is completely reduced.

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