What is the difference between green house lamp and general lamp
 Nov 29, 2022|View:641

It is often seen that there are many lights in the greenhouse. In the rainy day or evening, some of them are white like ordinary lights at home, while others are red and blue like decorative lights. What is the difference between the green house lamp and the lights we use daily? The following is a specific introduction to this problem.

Plants cannot grow without photosynthesis, which requires light. If the light is insufficient due to the influence of natural conditions, it is necessary to find ways to supplement light. Therefore, the function of the lights in the greenhouse is to supplement light for plants and promote photosynthesis to ensure plant growth. Therefore, the green house lamps are also called LED plant fill lights.

green house lamp

The role of ordinary LED lights is to play the role of lighting or decoration. They can be seen everywhere in our daily life. The color of light is also diverse. Compared with tungsten filament lamps or incandescent lamps, they have the advantages of less heat generation and energy conservation. The green house lamp is based on the principle that plants use sunlight for photosynthesis, and is made of diode light emitting principle, which can replace sunlight to supplement light for plants. It also has the advantages of less heat and energy saving, and has the advantage of adjustable spectrum compared with high pressure sodium lamp, HID lamp and other fill lamps. It is made of green house lamp according to the absorption principle of red and blue light by plants.

The difference between green house lamp and ordinary LED is that their spectra are different. Ordinary LED lamps have no effect on plants. The most obvious effect of green house lamps on plants is to promote photosynthesis, shorten the growth cycle of plants, promote the increase in production, market in advance, enhance quality, bright flowers and prolong flowering period.

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