What are the functions of airfield lamp
 Dec 09, 2022|View:497

The airfield lamps are visual navigation aids. In order to be more accurate and convenient, the radio navigation aids technology has been developed continuously. Many aircraft are equipped with radio navigation aids and instrument landing systems. However, the approach lighting system plays an important role. The main function of the approach lighting system is to provide an eye-catching visual reference for the position and direction of the runway threshold at night and under low visibility. In addition to these functions, the following details the functions of other airfield lamps.

Approach center line light: a group of variable white fixed light beacons installed on the runway center line. The approach centerline lights of the precision approach runway are spaced at a longitudinal interval of 30 meters and extend at least 900 meters; Simple runways are spaced 60m apart and extend at least 420m.

airfield lamp

Approach horizontal lights: variable white horizontal lights are set at the integral multiple distance of 150m at the runway threshold. The horizontal lights are perpendicular to the runway centerline, and the inner side of each side is 4.5m away from the extension line of the runway centerline.

Approach sideline lights: a group of red lights, extending from the runway threshold to 270 meters, with a spacing of 30 meters, generally installed on the precision approach runway.

Approach flashing light beacons: white flashing light beacons shall be set at 300m to 900m from the runway threshold on the extension line of the runway centerline. The flashing sequence of these light beacons is from front to back one by one, and the flashing frequency of each light is 1 time/second.

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