What are the functions and precautions of UV lamp
 Nov 24, 2022|View:575

UV lamp is a lamp tube made of ultraviolet disinfection. When using, close the doors and windows, and choose a suitable disinfection time for disinfection. Each disinfection time shall not exceed 60 minutes. When using the UV lamp, the lamp tube shall be wiped regularly. Nobody is allowed to be present during disinfection. Do not use the UV lamp as a lamp. Pay attention to ventilation after disinfection.

One of the main functions of the UV lamp is to be used for indoor sterilization. For example, if there are old people or babies at home and pets are kept at home, you can often use UV lamps, which can effectively kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of bacteria. At the same time, UV lamps can also be used in some enclosed spaces, including refrigerators, wardrobes, cars, etc. For places with poor lighting and ventilation in the house, often use UV lamps, which can effectively kill mites and other pathogens, and effectively create a healthy living environment.

The following items should be noted when using UV lamps:

1、The ultraviolet ray can only spread along a straight line, with weak penetration. Any paper, lead glass, or plastic will greatly reduce the exposure intensity. Therefore, the disinfected part should be fully exposed to ultraviolet light when disinfecting.

2、Wipe the lamp tube regularly. During use, keep the surface of the lamp tube clean. Wipe it once a week with an alcohol cotton ball. If dust is found on the surface of the lamp tube, it should be wiped at any time when oil stains are found, so as not to affect the ultraviolet ray penetration and radiation intensity.

UV lamp

3、When ultraviolet lamp is used for disinfection, it is forbidden to be present to avoid injury caused by ultraviolet ray directly shining on people's eyes and skin, let alone looking directly at the lighted lamp tube.

4、Do not use the UV lamp as a lamp. It is advisable to disinfect for 30 minutes to 1 hour. It is not recommended to leave the UV lamp on for a long time.

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